Since walking with my new word for 2016, I find myself questioning my surrender of my will vs. HIS will.  So far it’s been hard.  I am attempting to surrender each day to the LORD and all HIS glory.  In my alone time with HIM I hear HIS small voice saying: “BE MY LIGHT.”  In order for me to do that however, I have to be available to HIM.  I need to seek to be HIS vessel.  I desire to become less of me and more of HIM.  HIS words should become my words and my thoughts too.  Surrendering my heart and being obedient to GOD’S call is an everyday challenge!

IN MY WALK WITH GOD am I choosing to be available?  Or am I “too busy” for HIM?

GOD is waiting for us each and every day to say: “I’M ALL IN”.  In other words: ”LORD YOU ARE MY PRIORITY, I SURRENDER ALL THAT I AM TO YOU……..SO SEND ME!”


Because you see there is a difference……. there is a difference between walking with GOD on a Sunday, and walking with GOD every day of the week.  Being a weekender means you have time for GOD when it is convenient for you, when HE fits into your plans. You might think you look good to GOD on Sunday because you sit in Church, but what about the rest of the week? What about when you are at work, or standing in line at the post office, or sitting in traffic?  Are you available to HIM then? What if you took the attitude that you are HIS CHOSEN VESSEL for HIM TO SPEAK AND DO THROUGH YOU?  Do you realize you are HIS HANDS AND FEET?

In the book of ACTS at one point Paul realized that he was GOD’S chosen vessel and that he would live his life as a testament to the LORD. He had been a fanatical enemy of the Church. He had that one turning point where he realized his sin and met the Savior.  Once Paul fell in love with JESUS, he was willing to give up his life and take up his cross and surrender himself and his pride with much abandon.  He was passionate for HIS Savior and he willingly surrendered his soul.  He was a slave for CHRIST and he was all in!

At Church we are currently reading: “not a fan” by Kyle Idleman.  I highly recommend this book if you want to know whether you are a true follower or just a fan of JESUS.  You can admire and know much about HIM, but still be just a fan.  Kyle gives you many practical steps in the book and asks you personal questions to help you with the fan or follower concept.  CAUTION: This book will really make you look in the mirror!

To deny self is a very hard thing. To give up material things when we live in a material world is a hard thing.  But the message in all of this is that surrendering and following JESUS is going to be hard!  That is why JESUS has so many fans, and so few followers!

Be careful if someone is telling you all will be wild and wonderful with no troubles when following JESUS.  They are lying to you plain and simple.  Following requires a cost of something. Ask yourself: is following JESUS costing me anything?  My time?  My talent? My money?  Is it costing me relationships?  How about ridicule because of what I believe?  We all want to “fit in”, but what about the cost of standing alone on our faith verses the rest of the world?

I feel this daily pull by a world turned upside down and a weekly reminder pushed by social media to fit in, when I know in my heart, that JESUS wants me to stand alone by HIS side, keeping my focus on HIM.  I see clearly that sometimes I am just a fan and a failure, but deep down I desire to be HIS true follower.  How about you?

Acts 9: 15 “But the LORD said to him,: “Go, for he is a chosen vessel of MINE to bear MY name before Gentiles, kings and the children of Israel.”

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  1. I especially love this post because it SO fits the season I’m in. You’re correct, no one tells us that being a Christian CAN BE hard at times. Even though following Christ is an easy choice..not everything that follows will be AS easy. In fact, it can be downright taxing. When sickness strikes us or a beloved family member, when financial woes knock us to our knees…when the enemy is coming at us, trying to tear us down through people we love….IT’S HARD TO STAND STRONG when our human pride & flesh screams out to retaliate or just give up!!! NO ONE TOLD ME that I’d go through seasons when I’m at high tide & everything is all rosy & wonderful AND THEN that I’d also go through times when the tide is low & I can even see the ocean!!!! Thank you, Max, for being such a blessing to me & for all your guidance & wisdom that you share with me. I’m still learning as I go along on my faith walk with God. You inspire me to be better…to do better. I love ya sister+friend!!!!!


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