Recently my husband and I took a small road trip down to Tucson Arizona.  There is nothing better than visiting places in your own state and since we moved here a year and a half ago, we still have plenty to see.  Arizona is the Grand Canyon state and we do have it in our plans to go and see one day.  But most of all, I am in awe when I view the landscape here and love how we are surrounded on all sides by different mountain ranges.  Some are big and some small, but they are always in view and I know GOD put them there so I could understand and see HIS majesty. 

How fun it is when someone invites you to “go” with them.  The destination is important, but who you go with is equally important, if not more important.  Whom you go with, makes it all the more interesting.  There is time spent getting to your destination and time spent chatting with one another.  

In a very same way, we are on a journey with JESUS and just as HE encouraged the disciples to “go with HIM”, JESUS encourages us to go with HIM too.  HE wants us to follow HIM and HE asks us many times throughout scripture to do exactly that.  I want to be an authentic follower……..not one who puts on airs or tries to impress those around me of what I am doing.  Being authentic about my following HIM with my whole heart is quite different from what people “see” or what they want to see.

We tend to look at those around us and see all they are doing wrong in the name of JESUS and we need to stop…….. we need to stop comparing ourselves to one another! What you see in others, is not what GOD sees.  We always look at the outward appearance, but GOD knows and looks deeply into our hearts.  HE knows what others around you don’t.  Each one will have to answer someday for not only our actions, but our thoughts!  How much do we think that we can never really say in mixed company? Sometimes you may think:  thank goodness no one can read my mind, but guess what……..GOD can!  

If HE knows every hair on your head, don’t you think HE knows your every thought?  How about you ask GOD today to give you the discernment to examine those thoughts within that are not CHRIST driven?  One of my favorite stories in the Bible is the story of the woman at the well.  She had a personal conversation with CHRIST and it forever changed her.  It was personal and authentic.  She was honest with CHRIST about her current state with men, and HE was honest with her. Isn’t that what a personal relationship is all about…… two parties being brutally honest with each other?

When you decide to “go with” JESUS, you must decide to go authentically and I encourage you to follow HIM now!

 Don’t waste anymore time thinking you can get to it tomorrow, because tomorrow may never come.

Surrender yourself to HIM, surrender your day and your life!

Let us take comfort in the fact that JESUS wants to go “with” us through our lives, because HE would rather go with us than not at all.  HE wants to get personal with you, guide you and take you on a journey with HIM.  At times it will be fun, sometimes it will be very hard and mostly it will break your heart.  What breaks HIS heart will break yours too!  Walking hand in hand with HIM will humble you and often make you get uncomfortable.  Honestly though, I would rather let HIM humble me in the right way than have anyone else do it! 

But just like my journey down to Tucson yesterday, the journey with JESUS by your side will be full of joy and will fill you up in a way that nothing else can.  HIS “follow me” means to live your life to the fullest with all meaning and worth. Remember I said in my last post, less of me and more of HIM?  The “more of HIM” is so much better than the more of me! When you choose JESUS, you make the best choice of your life……’s an eternal choice……..





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