Most people will think of their money situation and then say they would like to be rich so they could travel or buy whatever they wanted.  Some people will answer that being rich is having a big house and two luxury cars.  Others will think of a fantastic wardrobe.  Many believers think that the world’s standards of being rich is how much you possess.

But in GOD’S economy the idea of being rich is quite different.  HIS grace and love poured out for us is the richest blessing we could ever receive.  In the world’s economy people who are rich want more and even the poor want more!  So greed tends to not discriminate! 

This Christmas season tends to bring out the worst in people and the best!  Our church group is adopting a family to provide for over Christmas.  It is a family of a Grandmother and 4 children.  Imagine that!  Their wants and needs are very simple ones and with my group coming together to pitch in, we will be able to purchase just about everything on their need list.  

The world will tell you that you NEED this and that.  But GOD says be content in MY love for you.  In Philippians 4: 11 Paul says: “Not that I speak in regard to need, for I have learned in whatever state I am in, to be content.”  Paul knew he was richly blessed by the LORD’S love for him and so was content with the little he had even when he had nothing at all while sitting in prison.

If you believe in Jesus, then you are already richly blessed by HIS forgiveness for your sins!  And HE pours out HIS Holy Spirit on us so that we can live in that forgiveness.  HIS blessings upon us include the fruits of the Spirit and who doesn’t want these: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.  All these “fruits” are rich to have in our souls.  GOD knows we need these fruits to live and if you have them, you’re life has deep meaning.

So is being rich about the stuff of this world or is it about knowing a GOD who loves us richly and lavishly pours out HIS blessings every day upon us?

I think I prefer the riches of GOD’S blessings over the riches of this world!  How about you?

As you go about this Christmas season, keep your eyes on HIS riches.  Don’t embrace the world’s treasures.  Realize that the riches of the KINGDOM are way more important than anything the world can give you.  What we have here will one day pass away.  But the riches of GOD’S world never will.  Embrace HIS rich WORD as you spend time in it this Advent Season…….all of GOD’S riches and HIS pouring out of HIS blessings never disappoint!



2 thoughts on “DEFINE RICH

  1. When it comes to Heavenly blessings, I am rich indeed! We are blessed with a wonderful family full of believers, amazingly good health, a church home we love, friends, connections…so many gifts!


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