I love getting up early in the morning and while I sit in my office I watch my coach lights on the garage gradually turn off. They are light sensitive so one always goes off before the other.  

I have come to love the dawn and dusk the most…….the light for some reason is just exquisite, have you ever noticed?


Why are we as humans so drawn to the light?  We need light every day to remain healthy and why is it that people this time of year become depressed because our days are shorter with light?  Could it be that GOD made us to crave light?  Could it be because HE said HE was the “light of the world?” 

As we walk with GOD over time, we need to become open vessels for HIS light to shine through……

Oh send out Your light and Your truth! Let them lead me….. PSALM 43: 3

We should crave GOD’S revealing light on our paths as much as we crave sunlight.  As we walk along our life paths, we should ask GOD to give us just enough light for the step we are on.  

Truly the light is sweet, and it is pleasant for the eyes to behold the sun…..ECCLESIASTES 11:7

Are you asking GOD to empty yourself in order for HIM to fill you with spiritual light?  Does your “light shine before men”? Matthew 5:16.  Jesus commanded us to shine HIS light within us so that people could see our good works and glorify our Father in Heaven.  But oh it is so hard to empty of self!  We seem to be made this way to focus on self and the world tells us with each passing day that this self-focus is ok.  

Here is a hard question: do you consider others better than yourself?  Philippians 2: 3  Consider…….others…….better. That means anyone!  Our selfless acts of kindness need to be filled with HIS light, not ours.   And we need to be alright with no credit given for me or you.  When we don’t receive the credit, let us not get our feelings hurt!  This Kingdom concept of the LORD’S is a very tough one to grasp.  HE works in our hearts shedding light daily, to dig out our own self-focus because the focus should be on others and GOD……..period. 

In light of recent world events…….what kind of light do you shed for the Kingdom?  Be GOD’S light in this world.  Draw others to HIM.  GOD says HE is the “light of the world”.  And light does shine the brightest in the dark.  The light will break open the darkness…….always.  HIS light is our hope for today, tomorrow and the future. GOD’S pure light is full of love, grace and mercy.  Light does forever fill the Kingdom.  Decide now if you are a Kingdom of one, or one for the Kingdom!  When you do, you will shine bright like the stars in the heavens above……..



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