Tomorrow we will be celebrating Thanksgiving with loved ones and family.  How are you spending your day?  I have always had special memories of the Thanksgiving table because when I was a little girl we had old friends and new around our table due to my Mom and Dad’s invitations to others.  Since I was … More GRATEFUL FOR GRACE


I love getting up early in the morning and while I sit in my office I watch my coach lights on the garage gradually turn off. They are light sensitive so one always goes off before the other.   I have come to love the dawn and dusk the most…….the light for some reason is … More THE ETERNAL LIGHT


What is enough?  When we look elsewhere for enough to fill us up, we find there never is quite enough.  Aren’t we always looking to fill or complete or to get more of something?  Why do we look elsewhere in this dark world when the GOD who said HE is enough is standing at the Cross … More ENOUGH