Recently I was shopping and went to put my packages down to find my keys and I saw these flowers pictured above.  What a delicate wonder to see…….just for a moment I had to stop and really look at them.  They were swaying in the nice breeze and I was just surprised they were blooming where they were!  

The word delicate brings all sorts of thoughts to mind and pictures…………




Let’s think about the word delicate in another way for a moment……..what about GOD’S delicate love and grace for us?  And do we reflect these fruits of the spirit to the world around us, living them out on a daily basis?

I have a new friend here in Arizona who fits this delicate quality more than she realizes…….she is a model for me and reminds me of the Proverbs 31 woman, although not perfect and none of us are, but living a Proverbs 31 kind of life!  I used to think it wasn’t possible to be that Proverbs 31 woman, but right now I know more than one friend who fits that Proverb description.  And one word comes to mind to describe them: CAPABLE.


I believe that none of us realize how our JESUS, our GOD, looks upon us with HIS delicate grace and love and fully equips us.  If no one else sees what we do, HE does and those who have been embraced by HIS grace just seem to live a path of delicate beauty, one that moves unshakable into the future……a woman who is capable of sustained perseverance because her LORD helps her and loves her completely.

Back to my friend here…….she has a smile that lights up a room.  She is an example of sacrificial love for her children and family.  She loves to cook and sew (I barely can sew on a button!)  Every little thing or thought she has goes to her family first, but always with the glory given to GOD.  Oh I am very sure GOD looks down on this woman with such love and sees the delicate beauty inside her!  She is a treasure to HIM and all those around her.


We all are beautiful in GOD’S eyes…….do you realize that?  CHRIST died for our sins, so we could be transformed into women who could enter Heaven.  HE holds our lives delicately in HIS HANDS…….not to harm or hurt, but to transform us into grace-filled servants here on earth.  With HIS delicate love, we are on the path of righteousness headed for the KINGDOM!

GOD wants our hearts to be cleansed from our sin, but to still have a compassionate heart for others.  HE wants us to be unshakable in HIS truth and to use that truth to witness.  HE wants HIS wisdom to become our wisdom.  If we live in HIS grace, we will extend a grace-filled hand to those in need around us.  Sometimes however, we are too quick to observe all we are doing wrong for the LORD and we are slow, very slow, to appreciate all we are doing right!

So let us be filled with the truth that we are HIS beloved daughters!  Let us realize that GOD loves us for who we are, right where we are, and HE gives us all we need when we need it!  HE is our delicate source for ALL we ask.  Our hearts filled with HIS love, peace and joy can do anything, because with GOD, ALL things are possible! Let us be quick to praise one another for the delicate beauty inside each of us……GOD sees our worth, and will someday bless us with our eternal reward waiting for us in Heaven. Let me praise YOU dear reader, right here and now……GOD so loves you and treasures you because HE made you…….you are a delicate beauty in HIS eyes, only to become more beautiful with each passing day. 


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