I have a friend who agrees with me that books are the best.  We both think that if you gave us a choice between buying books or clothes that we would choose books every time.  I have another friend who is a passionate reader.  She belongs to a book club and gets the book of the month read in a matter of days.  I am a different type of reader.  I have more than one book going at once and I take my time getting through each one.  I make sure that the subject matters are very different from one another so I can keep the stories straight in my head.  I have reread many books that I love…….those books are like an old friend and they are to be opened again and again.  

All of us who read have experienced at one time or another where we begin reading a page and get stuck on that very same page.  Sometimes it happens to me when I am not fully engaged with the story or if I am distracted.  I can start on a page and restart over and over, never getting anywhere and realize after a time that I am still on the same paragraph. Can you relate?

What I am describing is being stuck on a page.  In life there also are times where we get stuck too.  Our lives are all one continuous story…….but they are GOD’S story written for each one of us.  When we get stuck, we need our GOD to help us turn the page and get on with it.  Life always moves forward in a linear fashion.

BUT there are days and times we get stuck for one reason or another……it’s unavoidable! 

Are you stuck in the past?  The enemy would love to keep us there rethinking all that has happened to us.  Our past can be painful, but that pain was for a purpose that is greater than us.  GOD wants us to use that pain for our witness and HE wants us to hand over the pain to HIM so we can move on with our lives.  But satan will try to make you take all that pain back, to harbor it and become resentful.  Because if you have a resentful spirit then you cannot witness for GOD or show anyone around you how HE has healed your heart.  The enemy loves for us to be stuck in our pain, because when we are, our eyes are on ourselves and not GOD! If we are stuck, then we don’t grow……..


GOD walks before us……..HE knows our story……..HE knows how the story ends!  If HIS mercy walks before us, shouldn’t we be willing to turn the pages of our days over to HIM and be confident in HIS omnipotence?  Don’t we need to keep turning the pages to see how the story ends?

Like a book where we turn the page one by one, we need to turn our days one by one taking one day at a time.  Let us close those painful chapters all with GOD’S healing and open new chapters HE has waiting for us, filled with HIS promise of hope and love.  Being stuck means no growth in our souls and GOD doesn’t want that for me or for you!

GOD uses our deepest pain for HIS greatest purposes…….HIS hands alone will help us turn those pages, each and every one, not matter how painful or how joyous.  HE writes our stories on HIS heart too.  Let us do our best to help with the writing of our unique story.  HE alone is our AUTHOR, and with loving hands HE guides us through each precious chapter.

HEBREWS 8: 10 “I WILL PUT MY LAWS IN THEIR MIND AND WRITE THEM ON THEIR HEARTS.”                  11374171_388036988070789_352103947_n

2 thoughts on “TURN THE PAGE

  1. So grateful God is the author of my story. Every time I have gotten stuck in my bitterness, struggle or anger, He waits patiently for me to come to Him. When I finally turn the page and let Him continue to write, I am always rewarded with the peace that passes all understanding. God is so full of grace, love and mercy. Thank you Lord for mending the brokenness and for restoring my life over and over.


  2. Thanks for your comment Vicki……..yes if we all are willing to turn the page over and over we can look back and “see” how GOD uses HIS pen to write with us and move forward even when we don’t know what the future brings. We have our story and GOD has HIS! Blessings on you sweet friend.


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