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Last week as I was leaving my neighborhood I ended up following  behind several school buses.  And you know how that goes, they make several stops along the way and so I had much time to reflect.  I remember those days……. Jason I don’t want to embarrass you here, but I need to be a Mom for a minute.

I can still see my little one, standing ready to get on the bus the very first day of school, with his new outfit and new backpack.  He was so excited standing there with his friends.  Seeing his joy brought me joy and to tears as well.  I can remember his first day like it was yesterday.  And I know GOD was watching over him with each day that he arrived safely home.  The bus route took the kids onto I-25 and then down south of where we lived to Castle Rock, Colorado. Knowing they were on the highway each day especially when it was snowing, drove me to my knees besides driving me out of my mind with worry.

Life can be like that, where the future seems out of control for all sorts of reasons!  We are made in HIS image, but yet we are not meant to know the future…….only GOD knows what is in store for us. Read carefully JEREMIAH 29: 11……..


As my son made his way through school, there was a time that I drove him each and every morning and picked him up as well.  I treasured those times, even though he wanted to catch a few extra winks in the car.  Those times together went by so very quickly!  And here I am today, watching other parents put their kids on buses or driving them to school. Time passes by and what we need to realize is how precious this school time is.  But more than that, we should understand that what we say to one another and our children have eternal impact.  Are we careful about our departing words to one another or careless?  What were your last words to your loved ones today?

Our next door neighbor said something to his son (that I can’t repeat here) that I overhead a few days ago and it broke my heart.  I was watering in the front yard, so as this boy passed by me, I made sure to wish him a good day at school.  The look on his face brought me to tears.  All I could think of is that little boy had to live with that comment the rest of his day.  What a burden he had to carry!   I can imagine how much this situation broke GOD’S heart.  HE is watching all we do and all we say to one another.  May our words always count for CHRIST!

What I am trying to convey here is that we all need to hold on to GOD with all our might and be HIS loving ambassadors to HIS children.  The Holy Spirit in us guides us in our words and actions towards one another.  But we cannot be obedient to the Spirit unless we decide to not hold on to anything too tight in this world, and that includes our children. We need to stop trying to do things our way, open our hands and let go……..let go and let GOD take good care of  our children and  TRUST in HIS provision for them.


When I go to sleep at night I take great comfort in knowing GOD HAS A PLAN.  I know that my life is secure in HIS capable hands and HE WILL guide, protect and show grace and mercy, and forgiveness along the way.  With every step I take I draw closer to HIS KINGDOM.  May we sleep in peace each night knowing that GOD has got this!  HE holds our world and lives in HIS hands.


In this season of school bus days, let us remember we are preparing our children and even grandchildren, for the future and for GOD’S KINGDOM.  May we release them into GOD’S daily care. HE loves the little children and will take better care of them than we can!  HE will faithfully look after them all their lives.  But we must also be on our knees for them and their futures!  Let us seek our HOLY GOD……..pray to HIM and HE will faithfully answer…….and HE will guide and look after all future generations, and HIS earthly and heavenly KINGDOMS as only a SOVEREIGN GOD can!




2 thoughts on “SCHOOL BUS DAYS

  1. It broke my heart to read about your neighbor boy being spoken harshly to as he left for school. It made me wonder…what if those last words the dad said to his son were THE LAST WORDS HE EVER GOT TO SAY TO HIS SON AGAIN?! With all of the horrible things that happening within the schools you never know when you’ll hear about ANOTHER school shooting. What if this had happened at the little boys school & he never got to return home again? How would that father feel carrying that memory with him for the remainder of HIS days about how he had spoken to his son that morning? It makes me shudder!! I have to admit that I have let words fly off of my tongue at times without checking them first. When I do, I try to make sure I apologize for MY words & actions. It doesn’t necessarily mean I feel I was wrong or it was unwarranted, but it could have been delivered in a better way & done with love in my heart. God chastens His Children, but He ALWAYS does it with Love. It is NEVER done with malice, a sharp tongue or a heavy hand. How we deal with our children will be reflected in how they deal with others & their own children one day. Let us seek God to become more like Him & to treat others as He would have us to do!


    1. All the recent school shootings sure makes you think about this situation. I pray we all leave each other with words that build up and that the words of our mouths tend to be pleasing in GOD’S sight! Thank you Suzanne for your thoughts here. I love to read comments back to me!


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