Could it be that the smallest of graces are just outside our windows?  Could it be that the smallest of graces can be our waking up to a sunrise each morning?  Grace is defined as a free gift and could it be that we take the smallest of graces for granted?  Could the smallest of graces be a simple prayer for someone else?

When I was a little girl, my wise Dad always pointed out to me those less fortunate and his common phrase was: “for the grace of GOD, there go I.”  My father was a man of GOD and a man for others.  He was my example of a father living out his faith daily.  I know he woke up very early each morning and I know he spent time praying for his family and those around him who needed those prayers.

Oswald Chambers says it like this: “unless in the first waking moment of the day you learn to fling the door wide back (enter thy closet and pray in secret) and let GOD in , you will work on a wrong level all day.”

Could it be that we are all left to live another day so we can lift up prayers for those we love?

So I must ask you…….is your prayer time all about you?  We all have needs and we all have broken lives and issues.  But the closer you get with GOD and the more you abide with HIM, you will find that your own prayers turn into prayers for others.  GOD’S upside down economy teaches us to think of our fellow man before we think of ourselves. The prayers that you tend to throw your heart into, become those for friends and family members, but what about strangers?  How do you not know that the one prayer you said for someone else made all the difference in their life?  How do I not know that some stranger prayed for me at one point in my life, and how do I not know that one simple prayer of grace said for me, made all the difference?

Honestly, sometimes I can’t even pray for myself.  Sometimes I say: “LORD, really I got nothing!”  I do know that the Holy Spirit intercedes for us and we should take comfort from that.  Could the smallest of graces and the most fulfilling ones, be those prayers that are said in secret no matter how small?  The cares of our daily lives and those of the world, will find a way to choke those prayers right out of us for someone else.  The more prayer we send up, the more GOD can do something about those prayers!  

What would our world look like if we all were prayed for, in some way, by someone else?

The power of prayer is beyond all our understanding……but the key word here is POWER.  Could our secret prayers have an effect on ourselves as well as power over the ones we are praying for?  Our prayers for one another show our love for each other……..when we can’t seem to help, we can always pray. 

In Mark 9 Jesus is approached by a father whose son is greatly afflicted.  The father at one point says to Jesus: “LORD, I believe, help my unbelief!”  Jesus says that: “if you can believe, all things are possible to him who believes.”  If ALL THINGS are possible, then believing in your prayer 100% is the best grace one can have because it is the result of faith.   HE WILL answer in all things, in all possible ways, with all kinds of graces!

Next time you go into your room in secret and pray there, remember the smallest of prayers become the smallest of graces said for one another, with the biggest outcome for our world and each other.  So pray often, pray consistently, pray without ceasing, never give up on it……..and our Sovereign LORD in HIS time and in HIS own special incredible way, will answer!




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