Recently we stayed in a wonderful hotel in Sedona Arizona. This was our second visit there and we chose our hotel because they allow pets and we wanted to take our sweet Molly with us because she isn’t happy being left alone.  I was able to sit in this lovely courtyard each and every morning with my coffee and GOD.  As I was sitting I noticed the light and smell of the vines of grapes hanging above me. My view alone created wonder within me.

With all the heartache and sad news in the world right now…….have we lost our sense of  WONDER?

The dictionary defines wonder as a “state” of surprise.

Wonder is an exciting amazement about something. Therefore the wonder of GOD can be with us in the here and now. GOD is all around and seeing HIS wonder takes some intention to do so. Being watchful for GOD is a choice on our part. 

Sometimes when I am with friends or with my husband, I am usually the one who sees wonder……..


AND I SAT THAT MORNING FOR BREAKFAST and looked and saw the WONDER of HIS light and shadow before me…….do you see it in this picture?  Creation glorifies HIM every single day. Let us never take for granted a sunrise or sunset. May we look to the heavens and have a sense of wonder at the sight of a clear blue sky or a star lit night, or a storm rolling in or the sound of the sea.  ACTS 4:30 says: “…….and that signs and wonders may be done, through the name of YOUR holy SERVANT JESUS.”

Let us imagine what the disciples saw when they were with JESUS! How they must have been filled with wonder at the miracles HE performed! Oh how they SAW with WONDER their SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST…..

May we be filled with the wonder of the HOLY SPIRIT in us, which makes our soul alive and gives us the freedom from sin……a wonder in and of itself!

May we thank GOD for the wonder of HIM. By showing our gratitude daily for HIS HOLY grace and love for us shown by HIS sending us HIS beloved son JESUS.

May we never fail to see GOD’S wonder all around us. Let us have a child-like wonder in our souls that others see. Oh the wonder of our JESUS!  Take hold of HIM, desire HIM, seek HIM and look for HIM.  Start today…….wonder is all around.





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