HELLO FRIENDS…….just a little info if you are wondering why the blog looks different – again! I have been writing this blog for GOD for several years now.  The name came to me in a dream one night when I woke up with 2 words spinning in my head……heaven and reef.  At first I wasn’t sure what they meant. I understood the heaven part but the reef?  And then I looked up the Great Barrier Reef and read about the unbelievable amount of different species of fish and was in awe when I realized that GOD was pointing me to HIS WORD in Matthew 4:19 when HE said: “Follow ME and I will make you fishers of men.”  I had been toying with the idea of writing and so HEAVENSREEF was born.  

I used to be on blogger.com and then tried another site. It is always fun to investigate where you want to sit and rest a while……and I think now I will stay here. I always say I am writing for the ONE who created me and I pray as you read, you will come away with something that helps your day. Be blessed by HIM friends.  I am only HIS instrument as I write for HIM. Often my ideas come during my devotion times or I will wake up with a sentence or words stuck in my head.  And I can always tell when they aren’t my ideas…..because this blog is not about me. It is all about a GOD who loves us with HIS unending love and grace.

PSALM 89: “The heavens are YOURS, the earth also is YOURS.”



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